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Welcome to Om Seva Kendra

Om Seva Kendra is a registered Public Charitable Trust with a troop of volunteers working as a non-profit service oriented system in the field of Health, Education & Livelihood since 2001.

For any mistake, a theist apologizes with God and an atheist repents himself when guilt plaguing in the life. This makes them feel excused. In the same manner blessings of people also dilute our sin while we do good for them. Helping others without expecting return is a meaningful expiation which has no alternate.

Om Seva Kendra is an Organization helping the needy for better tomorrow through its many projects. We welcome people from all walks of life to join their hands with us.

“Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavanthu”




At “SANMATHI” – We envision a world where persons with disabilities receive unconditional love, respect and care irrespective of their age & severity. We provide training to improve the quality of life and empower them to live fully and independently.

“SANMATHI” provides a FREE TRAINING to uplift the Special Children by its trained volunteers and various techniques available in its banner. Our aim is to bring the child into main stream where at least they can do their regular work by themselves improving behaviour in the family and society.

Children in Sanmathi are having different types of disabilities like Autism, Cerebral palsy, Cerebral Atrophy, Down Syndrome, Visual Impairments, Mental Retardation and other developmental problems.

Sanmathi is taking expert inputs by periodical training / tips from a team of Doctors from NIMHANS. Ayurvedic doctors are helping in some therapies. We are also providing mid-day meal, transportaion and periodical health check ups.

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News & Events

  • FREE SIDDHA MEDICAL EYE CAMP on 24th of Every month at 4.30pm

    Free Siddha Medical Eye Camp is being arranged in Om Seva Kendra for the benefits of general public in our area. In this medical camp medicated eye drops are put to the patients by traditional Siddha practitioners. These Kalikkam eye drops are prepared using some herbals invented by ancient “Siddhas” These drops are helpful for long sight, short sight, migraine headache, skin disease, white patches, black patches, leucoderma and psoriasis disease. It is also useful in ladies menstrual problem etc.,

  • Sidha Eye Drops Camp


    Sidha Eye Drops Camp will be held on 24.03.2022 Thursday by 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM. This traditional eye drops will help to improve many eye diseases.

  • Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana

    Every Wednesday there will be Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana by 6.00pm to 7.00pm, anybody can come and join.

  • Counselling

    We do privacy assured counseling for all health, mental and family issues with Drug less therapies on prior appointment basis regularly.

  • Rathasapthami

    Special spiritual discourse on Rathasapthami followed by 108 group Surya Namaskaras. Anybody can participate with prior registration.

  • Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation Classes

    Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation classes are conducted in “SADHRUDA” one of the project of Om Seva Kendra in three different batches at 5 AM, 6 AM & 5 PM on all working days.

  • Expert Input

    Dr. Jagadish, Dr. Rajendra and a team of experts from NIMHANS are visiting Sanmathi school of Om Seva Kendra every fortnight since last month for counseling and treatment to the intellectually disabled children. Also they have extended their kind support by giving professional training to the teachers. On behalf of Sanmathi team Om Seva Kendra is thankful to these kind hearts

  • Ayurveda

    Dr. Gopinath, a well known Ayurveda doctor of Bengaluru has visited Om Seva Kendra, taken all possible inputs of our activity at Sanmathi and Drug less therapy. He has shared his views and given some valuable tips for improvement of these intellectually disabled children and also assured that he will be a part of our team in social service. We thank him for his kind support.


All activities of Om Seva Kendra are to minimize the mental and physical suffering of the targeted needy by providing Education, Health & Livelihood through its projects under one banner.

“We believe every human being is unique” and helping others without expecting returns is a meaningful expiation which has no alternate.


Doing social service with a troop of volunteers since 2001 by many of its projects for intellectually disabled, Women & Children, Handicaps, Orphans, Transgender, Senior citizens, Water resources. Periodical Camps for Blood donation, Book donation etc., Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation are daily routine.

Om Seva Kendra is conducting privacy assured counseling & no side effect treatment culled out from wide range of therapies available in its banner.

Helping others without expecting return is a meaningful expiation

Om Seva Kendra is an Organization helping the needy for better tomorrow through its many projects. We welcome people from all walks of life to join their hands with us...


- Smt. Bhavani


I was suffering from low platelet counts(less than 5,000) and had lost living hopes. I just walked to Sri Krishna Guruji as a routine trial & within 2-3 treatments, counts raised to 1.5 lacks. Than I have learned couple of Drugless therapies from Om Seva Kendra for self healing & living happily today with my family. Really I am very blessed.

- Master Darshan P

Mentally Retarded Child

Myself Mr. Prakash R father of Master Darshan feel proud to share about my son. Literally we have cried many times thinking that why God has given us this kind of son, because of him we faced so many problems at personal and social level. After stepping into Sanmathi he has improved a lot. Now people who laughed at us are appreciating Sanmathi School by seeing improvements in our son and we are happy about him. Today Om Seva Kendra has started a small project in the name of Sanmathi , but tomorrow this will give a “bright light and life” to many children like our son. “Thank you” is a very small word which can’t express my feelings…..

- Mr. Chaithanya S

Spiritual Energy

I, Chaithanya Salutes our India, because India is a land of Spirituality & Vedic Science. I firmly believe that our “OM SEVA KENDRA” is the BEST place to start exploring the Spirituality & Drugless therapy. I have been a Master in one of the Drugless therapy & I learnt it in “GURUKULA” system of ancient India. One of the most beautiful & unexplainable process is Attunement. When I got that Spiritual energy through our Sri Krishna Guruji, I went to some other era and felt I am blessed to have such kind of Guru & Gurukula near me. I thank Guruji and Om Seva Kendra for helping me to understand & apply couple of Drugless therapies. I am happy & blessed to be a part of “ OM SEVA KENDRA” in this journey to accomplish the noble cause on which our OM SEVA KENDRA is working.

- Mr. Vishal


Patients with hemophilia suffer more frequent bleeds. First time I was carried by couple of people to Om Seva Kendra & after few healings I have regained my health back. Now I am part of the Trust & mastered few healing techniques and practicing everyday. Today working in a MNC independently & comfortably with very less medicines. What to add ? as I observed since a decade miracles are happening at Om Seva Kendra very frequently. Thanks to everybody for everything.

- Mrs. Shilpa S Rao USA


Chronic anovulation is a common cause of infertility. I, Shilpa S Rao used to come for regular drugless therapy with Sri Krishna Guruji. In a span of 3 – 4 months my problem got solved & returned to USA.

- Miss. Shloka Shankar

Psudo Muscular Dystrophy

My name is Shloka Shankar and I suffer from muscular dystrophy. I first met Krishna Guruji on December 8, 2017. I have met him twice since then. He came to my house the first time with his wife and made me feel very comfortable. I was very skeptical at first, but then, the more I spoke to him, the more relaxed I became. He asked me to do a few things regularly and I have been following them to the best of my ability. The metal ring is truly magical as it instantly makes one feel light and energetic. I am a very conscious and sensitive person, so I can feel the vibrations during distance healing. It definitely works. All you have to do is just be in tune with your body. Guruji is extremely kind and warm and exudes positivity. I am thankful and grateful to have met him. I have a long way to go before I become fully physical independent, but I have faith that I will recover soon with His blessings.

- Smt. Vasuki Nataraja

Back pain

Me, Vasuki here to share my experience related to back pain. I was suffering with Dengue fever for about a month and got back pain. I was unable to sit more than 15 minutes. I took painkillers & anti-biotic tablets, but those tablets worked for few hours only. After so many experiments, I went to Sri Krishna Guruji for treatment. He adopted one of the Drugless therapies & asked to follow some do’s & don’ts. What a miracle I got cured in 2 days. Now I am going to work without any pain. I am very thankful to Sri Krishna Guruji for the way he council & give treatments.

- Smt. Venkatalakshmamma

Kidney Stones & Septic

I am Venkatalakshmamma underwent Stinting operation for kidney stone problem. During the operation the place got infected and septic also. After the operation kidney is not working properly, urea and creatinine increased much, so doing dialysis every day. Because of Sepsis, since one and half month I was breathing with the help of ventilator. During this period Sri Krishna Guruji came to the hospital and healed personally and distantly also since 15 days. After his treatment now I am free from ventilator and rate of dialysis also reduced, I am eating on my own now. I am very grateful to Guruji and I need his blessings lifelong to live a healthy life.

- Smt. Gangambike ( Mother of Master Umesh )

Mentally Retarded

We are very happy for what he is today after spending couple of years in Sanmathi. He is far better than before. He loves to go to school every day. Now he is good at reading and talking to others. Hereby I pray God to give you more strength and donations to extend Sanmathi as a Residential School, so that more children will be benefited. Hats off to your team of dedicated and service oriented teachers, staff and Guruji.

- Ramakrishna Bhat

About Yoga

Yoga is my part of life. I have learnt Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation at Om Seva Kendra through Sri Krishna Guruji. I am practicing yoga from few years and happy to share that I will handle a part of Yoga class everyday at Om Seva Kendra. The saying “Yoga is Life” has become true in my life, if I miss the yoga class any day I feel incomplete for the whole day. Yoga will energies my body and mind throughout the day. Yoga will promote improved control of mind, body and to enhance well-being.

- Smt. Sahana Bhat

Chest pain & oversleeping

I was suffering from chest pain, thigh pain and oversleeping since a decade. I visited Om Seva Kendra for counseling and treatments. After few healings I am completely cured and out of problem now. I thank Sri Krishna Guruji for his efforts, the guidelines and the Spiritual healings showered on me.

- Mrs. Sadhana Shanbhag

Spinal Disc Herniation

I was bedridden because of spinal disc herniation. When many medicine failed to cure, miracle happened by Krishna Guruji’s Drugless treatment & started to my duties within 10 days.

- Smt. Hemavathi


Anxiety is a psychological & physiological state charecterized by somatic, emotional, cognitive & behaviourial components. Even after several medical tests I was unable to walk & retained depressed by nervousness. I entered Om seva Kendra with my parents support & became normal within one month by Krishna Guruji's drugless therapy. Then I learnt one of the drugless therapy & became master of healing.

- Smt. Valli Keshavamurthy Mother Of Ms. Surabhi


My Daughter Surabhi is suffering from Autism, studying in Sanmathi since 1 year. I have observed many changes in her. I would like to thank you all. Now, she is very active, observes her surroundings and gives a quick response. I would like to thank you whole heartedly for your efforts and the service extended towards my kid.

- Mr. Puttaswamy Father Of Master Gowtham

Some Positive, Grasping Energy

Sir, with a high respect and devotion, I salute to the whole system of Sanmathi and to the spiritual leader Sri Guruji. First of all , I liked the name “Sanmathi”. The title itself is having some positive, grasping energy. My son has grown both physically and mentally. He has learnt the culture, greeting the persons, patriotic songs, shlokas, basic life skills and social behavior. Earlier we were hesitating to attend social events, now we started attending functions, gatherings. Now people are appreciating our son and us for what he is today, its only because of your efforts, thank you once again.