In the year 2006 Om Seva Kendra is Registerd as a Public Charitable Trust.

Allotted 80G

Income Tax Department has allotted 80G tax exemption facility.

FCRA Certificate

Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has sanctioned FCRA Certificate.


Registered under 12 A


Registered under Bruhath Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike – BBMP


Registered under Dept. of Women & Child Development & Empowerment of Differently Able & Senior Citizens.


Having PAN.


Registered under NITI Aayog & having NGO Darpan unique id.


Dr C N Krishna and Smt. Padmakrishna started healing patients through Drugless Therapy from the place they lived. Even after lot of hurdles till this time they have treated thousands of patients.

Some likeminded people attracted with the service of Sri C N Krishna and joined their hands to serve the society. They titled their association as "Om Seva Kendra". Social service programs were combined with healing routines. More and more people started joining Om Seva Kendra, coaching classes of healing methods were started, In the year 2006 Om Seva Kendra registered as a Public Charitable Trust. In view of expanding the activities of Om Seva Kendra in many wings, the Trust planned its many projects along with time; it has registered accordingly under many banners like 12A, 80G, FCRA, BBMP, Dept, of Women & Child Development & Empowerment of Differently Able & Senior Citizens, NITI Aayog & National Trust.

More than thousand healing experts were trained under Sri C N Krishna to serve the Society and about 15000 Patients, 5000 students have benefited from Om Seva Kendra till this day. Blood donation camps, Eye Donation Camps, Book Donation Camps, Cloth Donation Camps, Food Donation Camps, Cleaning Camps, Social Welfare Workshops, Yogasana and Pranayama classes to School Children, helping hands to victims of natural disasters and Drugless Therapy awareness camps are lead by Dr C N Krishna with his Om Seva Kendra volunteers since 2001.

Om Seva Kendra is representing Indian culture and adopts GURUKULA system with its training programs to sustain.

We have experts around us to give solution for any problems / diseases. Dr C N Krishna is stretching his hands inviting all such experts in a single network for universal good.

Numerous Dreams Under One Banner

Indians’ contribution to world is numerous and ultimate. Indian thoughts are coroneted. Many things we see today in the world are illustrated in Indian culture and Indian philosophical history. Indian researches are endless. Countless topics of Indians are sided disinclining commercialization and dissolved in front of exaggerated modern things.

Om Seva Kendra is carrying Sanmathi – A free school for Intellectually disabled, Ashraya - Makkala Mane, Chaitanya - Care centre for handicaps, Daya - Care centre for Orphanages, Samatha - Care centre for Transgender, Asare - Rehabilitation centre for HIV / AIDS Patients, Sadhruda - Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation classes, Amrutha – Save & Care water resources, Blood Donation camps, Eye Donation camps, Book Donation camps, Social Welfare Workshops, helping hands to victims of natural disasters and Drugless Therapy awareness camps since 2001. Participating in these programs gives extreme penance than all.

We have experts around us to give solution for any problems / diseases. Sri C N Krishna conducts privacy assured confession programs to people coming voluntarily. In result to this numerous people are living happily.

Dr C N Krishna

C.N. Krishna completed his schooling in his native, graduation from Mysore University and higher education from Bangalore University. He had lots of interest in Social services since his childhood. After his education, he worked in some companies related to Medical Sciences. He noticed patients’ sufferings in spite of medical treatment. This pain of patients deviated him to study Drugless Therapy. His treatments resulted by reverenced tears in patients. Those tears of patients entitled C. N. Krishna as Sri Krishna Guruji.

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“Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavanthu”